Cross Body & Clutch Bag with Embroidered Flowers Red & Black - Handmade Draco

CHF 75.00
  • Embroidered flowers clutch bag Red & black
  • Embroidered flowers clutch bag Red & black
  • Cross Body & Clutch Bag with Embroidered Flowers Red & Black - Handmade Draco


Cross Body & Clutch Bag with Embroidered Flowers Red & Black - Handmade Draco

CHF 75.00

Add a vibrant look to your outfit with this beautifully hand embroidered cross body bag that can also turn into a chic clutch. You can use it for a casual day out and turn it into an evening clutch bag to add a unique element to your style for the event. This bag will fill you up with energy and inspiration from the nature of birds and flowers. And you will have a unique look showing off a piece that has been hand drawn and embroidered by hand keeping traditions of generations alive. 

The bag colors are very versatile:

  • If you like to use bright colors and textures this will add a fun texture to it.
  • If you like to wear monochromatic colors, the bag will be the only accessory you will need.

Inspiration: iconography used by the Jalapa de Díaz communities in the state of Oaxaca, they first hand draw a mixture of flowers and birds allowing to have a natural fusion between the bird's wings and the flower leaves.

Technique: hand embroidered in cotton.

Produced: by the Jalapa de Díaz communities in the State of Oaxaca.

Material: 100% cotton.

Measurements (LxHxW): 31 x 19 x 1 cm.

Product care: spot clean only, dry in shade.

Handmade with care in Mexico.

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What makes us happy is to be able to share with you their vision in our Mexican culture, and allow you to take a piece of culture into your home.

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Colorindio co-creating with artisans to develop textiles

  • They support small producers from specific communities and cooperatives.
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  • They ensure artisans receive a fair payment for their work according to local wages.
  • For textile communities, most of the artisans are women, and they are ensured equal treatment. And because if the flexibility of their handwork they can also work from home. Most of these artisans gather together to create co-operatives to work together and share experiences.
  • A typical artisan working space: at home, in their cooperative, or at the "taller" (workshop) space they start the day taking care of their kids and family, then they find a comfortable space to start working on the textiles. The spaces are usually open which allows feeling the freeze and the natural sound of the animals that surround the environment.

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