Modern Mexican Coffee Table: 5 elements

Modern Mexican Coffee Table: 5 elements

There is a key 1st element that will make your Mexican coffee table (no matter how it looks) to have true soul: warm hospitality. Your coffee table will come alive once you invite your guests and give them a warm welcome with a genuine smile and make them feel comfortable. That's it! Well, it also needs a lot of conversation...

Natural elements

Our roots always takes us back to our connection to nature. Incorporating decor with wood, palm, cotton, wool, clay pottery is key. In this case a wooden table always makes you feel welcomed. And the contrast between the natural wood color and any other color you put on top will make it look stylish. Black clay work from Oaxaca is always popular because of it's contrast with colors and its texture. In our table we included one of our black clay fruit bowl and instead we used it as candle holder for our centerpiece. We love how it dresses up the table but doesn't take attention off the rest of our elements.

Black clay candle holder as coffee table center piece


It all depends in how much texture you like, you can add some natural color texture to add some interest. You can also choose one thing that pops up with texture that can be your focal point. In this case we are using our espresso cup sets as our attention grabbers and conversation starters.

Modern enamel espresso cup geometric black & white in table setting

Modern mexican espresso cup set black & white

Handmade textiles

We are very proud of our century old textile traditions, our native communities have magic hands when it comes to hand woven details. So adding a table runner, or a place mat to add a pop of color and texture will make your table look more cohesive. And of course, cushions are a most for your coffee table couch or chair, in this case we added our Light Red & Green Colorindio Throw Pillow to match the table runner.

Artisan made cotton table runner acqua for coffee table setting Modern mexican Colorindio pillow aqua and red that matches the coffee table

Coffee, Chocolate & Meringue

Adding Mexican coffee and chocolate to your table will also bring century old traditions to your guest's palates. Mexico is one of the main producers of coffee in the American continent, and 94% is produced in the states of Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca and Guerrero. And we all know that Chocolate originates from Mexico as early as 1750 BC. So, adding pieces of Mexican chocolate to your table to pair it up with coffee is the perfect combo, and this time we recommend you a special Mexican Chocolate selection made by The Small Batch Project. Another great suggestion to pair with your coffee is to include some meringue, that is a very traditional sweet that you can find on streets all over Mexico.

Mexican specialty chocolate and meringue for coffee table

Cielo Dentro Mexican Chocolate a selection for you from The Small Batch Project

Cielo Dentro is a creation of Fernando Galván in close cooperation with 3 Cacao Fincas. Fernando is a trained chef with a passion for confectionery.

Andrea from The Small Batch Project says: "I just love the details in this packaging. The textured paper, the gold letter, the colors...You can see that the clouds are all made up of Maya speaking bubbles from the old codice"

Andrea brings you a selection of specialty chocolates from all around the world.

Cielo Dentro Chocolate and 32 Estados coffee cups

Hope this inspired you to invite your friends for coffee and start sharing your own stories, and even remember your good times while traveling in Mexico.

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