32 Estados was born in Switzerland out of the idea of curating high quality hand-crafted and unique pieces from up-and-coming Mexican designers with a modern vision of Mexico. We are interested in connecting the pieces you select with their historical and cultural context and that you can incorporate them into your own home or personal style.

Modern Mexican Table decor setting whine & cheese


Carla Rosales is the founder of 32 Estados. She is from Mexico City and currently finds herself living in Switzerland. It is her intent to spread the word about all the positive things that her country has to offer. Learn more about Carla's story.

Handmade with culture and design vision

Artisan detail work

Each one of the products that you select are artisan-made with care in small batches with a contemporary design in mind that incorporates both past and present traditions. The concept, inspiration and design variance make each work unique and one of a kind. The different designer brands have taken the time to develop the skills of the artisans providing them the tools and quality material to bring a much better product experience for you.

High quality materials & attention to details

High Quality materials used

Besides the social projects developed by each of the designers, we pay a lot of attention on how they source their materials, the type of materials they use, and the attention they take to make sure the little details that matter are take care of. Usability and ease of maintenance is another thing we look for in the products. We want you to take home a long-lasting peace that makes the perfect match to your own style. We are always looking forward for feedback from our customers, please send your suggestions to: info@32estados.com

Our 32 States

Mexico is rich and diverse as evidenced by each of the 32 states in the nation. Just imagine; we have a total of 1,972,550 km2 of land (around 5 times the size of Germany). This allows for a very diverse natural landscape, and each state and region provides a special tradition and history that shows up in our daily life and contemporary design.

Our designers

Mexico’s arts and culture scene is booming and is on par with the biggest fashion and design centers in the world. A generation of young, hip designers is coming out in Mexico and creating a buzz worldwide.They are presenting socially responsible brands that work together with native communities, artists who rescue old craftsmanship traditions to design beautiful pieces and industrial designers that source locally or use traditional processes and handwork to develop innovative ideas.

Your shopping experience

In big cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Oaxaca, Mérida, you can find special design stores, design markets, specialized boutiques, as well as pop-up shops with one of a kind products, created with high-quality materials, and a special local touch. We want you to be able to experience your shopping experience as if you were walking through the design stores all over our 32 States.