Carla Rosales FounderI was born and raised in Mexico City and I would always enjoy as a kid driving with my family over the weekends to explore the cultural towns closer to the City. When we were arriving to the towns I had fun looking at the architecture and the combination of colors and textures in the walls, doors, facades, ceilings, and doors. There is always something new to discover. Then, as you approach the plaza central (old town) I would pay attention to the cultural buzz of the people, the smell of freshly made food, and the colorful local markets. Walking down the little alleys was always the most exciting part, especially my mom and I would like to find small local shops with local traditional designs, arts and crafts, and handmade clothing. Moreover it was always an spectacle to watch the local talleres (workshops) where you could see the process of how they make pottery, glass, and textiles, with such care and tradition. Thus, growing up in a country full of history and diverse culture I always felt connected and proud of it.

San Miguel Allende StreetAs I kept maturing, started to see my country’s challenges, and somewhere in my heart felt I could give back some day. On the other hand, I was also curious about other countries and wanted to understand their history and cultures. So, I studied International Relations in the USA. After coming back to Mexico my life took a different direction where I got involved in the growing digital marketing wave and got experience in digital marketing and ecommerce. I am also a bit geek so I like learning about using technology for developing and sharing ideas.

Carla Toni and BonsiI moved back to the USA for a few years and one of the most  important chapters in my life happened: meeting Toni, my loving husband, from Finland. I was able to complement my life with someone also curious about the world, with a big heart, and always ready for a new challenge. Our adventure together started in Vietnam, where we lived for 3 years. And over there I knew I wanted to develop something that could connect Mexico to the world, but wasn’t sure how. Then after traveling around Mexico for a few months I got inspired to find a lot of young Mexicans doing great projects in cuisine, design, sports, art, and nature. And when I started finding the beautiful pieces made by our Mexican designers and entrepreneurs, I knew that I had to tell the world about their great work. It was just what I needed to be able to connect Mexico to the world.

I love to learn about the different shades of each country and the essence that brought them together. That is why I am passionate about telling stories about the 32 States in Mexico, we are so diverse, we share a history of cultures colliding since pre-Columbian times. We are a mix of past and present, and we continue welcoming cultures and adapting them to our own.

In 2018, Toni and me decided to make Europe our next home and Zurich opened its doors to us. Switzerland is the home of 32 Estados where I would love to share our beautiful pieces of art that carry a soul full of our present and past heritage.

Es un placer tenerte de visita en 32 Estados!... Is a pleasure to have you visiting 32 Estados!