Enamel cup + Camping, the perfect match

Enamel cup + Camping, the perfect match

I didn’t used to be what you’d consider an ‘outdoorsy’ person. My enjoyment of the outdoors extended to visits around my local parks or community gardens. Then in my 30’s, I made a group of friends who adored camping and hiking, some would backpack for entire weeks in the wilderness!

After much cajoling, they convinced me to join them on a car camping excursion over a holiday weekend outside of Las Vegas. At first I was skeptical; what would we DO for three full days in nature? What would we eat? I needn’t worry, I was camping with the foodiest group in the city! Over the next three days we enjoyed breakfasts of soft scrambled eggs with chorizo heated over a crackling fire, lots of fresh fruit with fresh-squeezed lime juice and Tajín chile seasoning and hearty dinners paired with delightful beer and wine cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, I brought along some delicious candied hibiscus that I dropped into some sparkling wine and a splash of mineral water. Delicious!

I don’t get the chance to camp as often as I’d like, however, whenever I find myself missing that crisp air experience with friends, I rely on our enamel coffee set with desert flowers to transport me to that magical, outdoor experience. And on my coffee cup with geometric Mexican textiles with hot chocolate to transport me to the cold winter camping. 

About our Author:
Alison Yañez McKay, Ecosystem Builder

Alson Yañez MckayAlison is a nonprofit professional and community builder from Mexico and currently living in Mexico City. She loves working at the intersection of social justice and arts & culture and prides herself on building ecosystems from the ground up by uplifting and empowering local changemakers and social entrepreneurs. True to her international studies and anthropology background, she adores traveling the world and meeting new people but finds the most joy returning to Mexico and serving as its culinary, fashion, design and arts ambassador abroad.


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