Best gifts for mom: handmade, unique, timeless, high quality, cultural & Mexican

Best gifts for mom: handmade, unique, timeless, high quality, cultural & Mexican

Finding a gift to be grateful for the time and dedication our moms have given is not easy. But what really matters is the recognition they deserve, so no matter what kind of mom you have and the style they have, a handwritten thank you note, will bring a smile on their face. And if you are not very good at writing, just remember a good time you spent together, and thank her for that.

If you want to pair up that note with something special, here is a list of unique gifts for mom we think she will love. Sometimes we tend to buy things that we like, but remember, you need to think of her style, what she really likes, and her passions. This will make it not only a beautiful gift but also useful to her.

Soft and delicate 100% cotton textiles: our handmade shawls and ponchos

Nothing beats the feel of a nice 100% high quality cotton woven fabric. And if you add up the special technique of our Mexican artisans called back-strap weaving (each thread is woven by hand one by one until the complete fabric is done) you get a unique combination of color and texture. Your mom will appreciate having something they can use to add up color and texture to their own style, and that can be used in different ways according to the occasion. Our Shawls can even be used as table runners!

Shop our Ponchos and Shawls here >>

High quality and soft 100% cotton shawl detail

Artisan made table runner red, blue, grey

Black & White Cotton Poncho for mom

Ancient techniques in a Flower vase for the flowers lover: our Black clay vase

This flower vase will dress up any room in your mom's home, its simple shape and black color make the flowers stand up from any angle. The clay flower vase is placed inside a wood-fired oven and then smoked to give its black color. These techniques come from ancient times in the state of Oaxaca (300 B.C.) and are still used by artisans. You will be giving a stylish, timeless, and cultural gift for your mom.

Shop our black clay vase here>>

Black clay vase with flower arrangement for mom

A special accent pillow for the avid reader: our Universo Luna Throw Pillow by Colorindio

If your mom has a special couch where she likes to read, these pillow will invite her to sit down and relax. And when she touches it, she will smile at the high quality cotton soft touch, and relax even more next to her favorite cup of tea or coffee. These pillow is also made by the back-strap weaving technique, which will make your gift full of culture and style.

Shop our Universo Luna Pillow here >>

Throw Pillow grey with artisan details by Colorindio

Cozy up with stylish enamel cups: our Frida and Mexican and textile inspired espresso and coffee cups.

Coffee or tea in style never fails. If your mom is a feminist or art lover, we are sure she will love her Enamel Frida cup. And for the espresso lovers we have the black and white espresso cup and plate set inspired by the Mexican textiles.

Shop our enamel coffee cup with textile patterns >>

Shop for enamel espresso set >>

Shop for enamel desert coffe cup >>

Cool and original enamel coffee cups black & white

For the kitchen lovers: our handwoven kitchen towels

If your mom loves to dress up her table at any occasion, we have these 100% cotton kitchen towels that will dress up her kitchen and bread basket. A special artisan made detail to get her inspired for her next kitchen creation. 

Shop for our cotton kitchen towels>>Artisan made cotton grey kitchen towel with color details by Colorindio

Hope your mom enjoys these special gifts for her, she deserves it.

Happy mothers day!





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