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Colectivo 1050º is all about nurturing and innovating our ancient traditions from the state of Oaxaca. They create the designs collectively: traditional potters together with designers work to create new concepts using Oaxacan artisanship adapted to contemporary lifestyles.


Colectivo 1050º was born out of a nonprofit organization "Innovando la tradición" (innovating tradition) which has the main goal to maintain our pottery traditions in Oaxaca. They work with different artisans and provide workshops to develop their skills and provide new tools to continue the creative process sharing ideas and developing pottery techniques.

The future is handemade

Their design process involves artisans together with designers that work together in a workshop project developing ideas and looking into the traditional techniques to then collectively create a unique piece full of culture, design and functionality.

Each of their products have:

  • History that comes from the way the pieces were used in ancient times.
  • Friendly to their environment because clay comes directly from the soil, and is processed in a natural way, with no chemical additives.
  • Century old artisan process that have been perfected across generations.
  • Culture and identity. From the way the artisans work together to develop a piece, as well as how they integrate these production process into their daily traditions. But most importantly, how it reflects a present connected to their ancestors.
  • Everyday usability.

In Mexico we have century old traditions in the production of pottery and they are at the risk of fading away because there is no interest in younger generations to learn the process for making them. For the consumers, it is also hard to value these traditional pottery because there are large volumes of mass produced options. Therefore, the goal is to keep the traditions but also to help the artisans develop theirs skills and create new concepts for the contemporary households.

We turn mud into beauty