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Colorindio creates interwoven age-old stories with their textiles. They use millennial old traditions to promote the cultural diversity of Mexico. They restate these traditions to create thread by thread daily life pieces. To create unique pieces with history, they use techniques such as the back-strap weaving (Telar de cintura) and pedal weaving.

Colorindio is a company made up by two women, Pola and Libya, who in 2009 set out on a long journey through textile Mexico to conform a work team with the weavers of diverse communities and praise their work.


Paola & Libia Colorindio founders

Their quest began when they got into the collective transport to discover and explore the tissues of Chiapas, "the endless land" as they call it. The next step was to live with the people and observe in detail how they worked the textile: the different ways to handle the loom, the colors, images and experiences that shape each design. A mixture of all this produces unique pieces with unique stories.

Between trips, a partnership was born that today produces more than ten kinds of household products, such as cushions, tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs, towels, blankets and table runners, made by artisans using backstrap looms or pedal looms. These pieces, thanks to Colorindio's artistic and aesthetic sense of orientation, have made way to the professionalization of this craft.

Colorindio work with communities

The working method of Colorindio is very open. It is based on respect for the autonomy of the Community trade. Each month just over 20 unique pieces of Mexican crafts are produced. The company is growing day by day: it began with two cooperatives and today manufactures products from fifteen regions.

The business philosophy of Colorindio lives the values of equity, balance and justice. The aim is to generate and maintain steady work with artisans, not just a business relationship, but of friendship and cooperation. Making long-term ties with these rural societies is what drives our company.


Mexican Style Pillow artisan made designed by Colorindio