Coramodi logoWhen design honors an ancestral tradition

CORAMODI  is an exclusive artisan textile brand that honors the unique Indigenous Art of Mexico.

CORAMODI  means “with love” in otomi, an indigenous language of Mexico. Each one of their pieces contains the love for tradition, for details, for design and fair trade.

Coramodi the art of textiles

They believe in the extraordinary value of handcrafting. Therefore, their pieces are made by the hands of talented indigenous women who put in them part of their story and energy. The brand celebrates and supports the artisans by working directly and with weaving cooperatives of the ”Valle del Mezquital” located in Central Mexico.

Every piece is the result of a meticulous process of design that pays respect to our traditions through a contemporary language. The brand was founded in 2014 by Deni and Estefania, both designers. Their idea of reinterpreting the ancient tradition of their home region and a firm belief that beautiful design can be a force for positive change gave birth to the project.

Coramodi details of quality textile production

Deni Martinez, is currently in charge of the brand, she is an architect with a master in interior design and based in Italy since 8 years ago. She lives in Milan, from where she designs and continues collaborating with artisans in Mexico to develop new products.