Their motto is Co-creation. They develop pieces together with artisans that represent our cultural heritage. In the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, they co-create textiles for unique pieces. Their bags have the same style but the textiles always change and evolve.

Folklor co-creation design in Chiapas

Folklor was born with the idea of maintaining indigenous textile traditions in a world of mass production and integrate them into modern designs. Folklor is inspired by the culture of each of the indigenous communities that collaborate with them and by their passed on centuries-old skills. Thus, creating an environment to honor our past.

Serve the future of culture

Folklor Co-creation designers and community

Folklor also wants to empower the communities by developing each artisan as an individual and also growing stronger indigenous communities that can sustain themselves in the future. They take part in the design process, which empowers them as individuals to value their own handwork. And at the same time they share part of their community identity with colors, patterns, and technique.

Folklor handmade