I-xu logo

They were born with a social cause, helping people in disadvantage to develop handmade unique pieces. Every single bag is done by hand with a concept and color in mind of the person that is working on it. There is no mass production of the same style, once the bag is done, they work on a new inspiration of colors and patterns.

Recycling is also one of their mottos. All the bags are made of low-density polyethylene (recycled plastic).

I-XU Bag manual decoration process

Under their parent company Artixu, their mission is to develop businesses that benefit the society as well, so they strive to provide the people that are part of their production and selling process developing opportunities. They like to give flexibility and a good working environment for their employees. IX-U gives a chance to people that would have a hard time finding a job or who are older in age, they want to encourage people who have the will to continue working.

They also collaborate with the nonprofit organization Inserta by developing specific bag styles that with their purchase they collaborate in funding them. Inserta provides programs for preventing minor crimes from young people and social reintegration.