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Maka combines style and co-creation with communities in the town of Nachig, and Chibacá in the State of Chiapas, and the region of Chinantla in Oaxaca. They want to break paradigms to create new concepts that connect the old and new.

Usually women from indigenous communities are the only source of income for their families because men end up migrating to look for better opportunities. They make an income by working on the textile traditions that have been passed on by generations, and they go to local markets (traveling long distances) to sell their products. Because everyone in the market is selling the same or similar styles, the competition is very high and they end up lowering the prices of their hours-long detailed work. Which leads to choosing other types of work and leaving their traditions and heritage behind.

Maka México founders with artisan ladies

That is why Maka México's founders decided to develop a social business concept where they could integrate their traditional textiles embroidery into contemporary bag designs. Up until now, they work with 86 different indigenous communities from the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Campeche. They kept the way this communities work on their textiles without changing their way of life, working home and being able to take care of their children. This system has been able to increase their income by 300%.

Maka Mexico working with communities benefits

Maka México wants to connect women from every walk of life. Women who every day strive to share their best with others. With each bag you buy, you will connect with hardworking Mexican women who are happy to share a piece of their culture.

Maka Mexico team of strong women