Makán was born with two big passions: artisan Mexican roots and animals. They work with communities from different parts of Mexico to create unique collar pieces for your dog. Each artisan is part of the design process and chooses the color and style on every piece they make. And each collar will vary in pattern and colors from the other, which makes a unique piece for your best friend.

Makan handmade with love for dogs

Mariana, a young entrepreneur with a passion for Mexico, its culture, and its people, as well as a decisive athlete, decided to develop Makán. When she was involved in making handmade decorations for cellphone covers she got inspired to develop a product that could show the beauty of Mexican arts. And the best way was to put together Mexican artisan work with your pet friend's accessories.

Dog happy and good looking with his Makan collar

Mariana works together with the artisans to develop the design idea of each of the collars. The artisan provides ideas that come from their indigenous heritage, and Mariana guides them to develop the color combinations and patterns. At the end only one type of collar is made, making it one of a kind.