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Malinalco brings a new perspective to enamel kitchenware. They merge Mexican popular culture imaginary with enamel kitchenware which is a kitchen element used in Mexican homes.

After traveling around the world, Malinalco founder, Natalie Saint-Martin fell in love with Mexico's beauty and madness. That is how Marie, who loved nature and stationary, decided to develop a collection of cards and notebooks inspired by Mexican popular culture. Also, working with Mexican designers she developed a collection for children with masks, coloring books, and paper cutting dolls.

Malinalco stationery mexican popular culture

Enamel became the next step, taking its traditional use in Mexican daily life and giving it a modern twist with Malinalco favorites: skulls, Mexican lottery and luchadores (wrestlers). They also launched a collection dedicated to Frida and Diego, they are very requested in different museum shops (Frida Kahlo Museum, MoMa, among others).

Malinalco calacas plate setting