Malte Taller logoThey create contemporary enamel products inspired by the textures found in Mexican nature and historical locations. They want to take enamel to the next level in design with a contemporary context.

Deni Correa and Olaria Agis, are the designers located in Mexico City. And they decided to specialize in the enamel technique to provide high-quality products. All their products are created with flux paint for enamel and bake them under very high heat to keep the images intact. This makes them very resistant, they can be put directly to fire, and are very easy to clean.

Malte Taller founders

They create different line collections where every piece is in sync with each other, so you can mix and match the pieces. For example, for their collections that have different names from Mexican states, they decided to look for pre-Colombian iconography and used their different geometric shapes in their pieces that look even better when they integrate with other pieces. 

Malte taller art