MANIFESTO Tee is a Mexican family micro-enterprise composed of 3 members that was born 2.5 years ago in the state of Guanajuato, cradle of National Independence.

We are creatives and we are in constant search of fresh, current and concise ideas that allow us a unique and authentic style of expression.

MNFST is an inclusive brand that through strong social messages seeks the union of all as human beings.

Let's forget about races, religions, sexual preferences, social strata, politics and economy. Let's be empathetic, respectful, understand. To be human means to be honest in thoughts and feelings, in words and actions; to be always sincere and sensitive, and to make sure that true love is part of the whole and of each other. Being human means sharing life with others and always providing help as many times as necessary. Let us allow ourselves and learn to enjoy the joys of life. Let's be more human, because that's what we need.

Our mission is to continue promoting Mexican cotton, since our country is number 13 in world production, which allows us to work with honesty and respect with the producers and traders of cotton in Mexico, in order to offer our customers high level products that are reflected in our designs.

Our vision is to offer our customers quality products and high level  with unique and different statements.

We want to promote Mexican creativity and design and position it as a world power. We believe in the power of fashion and how a T-shirt can make you feel invincible at any time.

MNFST is for all those brave people who take to the last corner of the world what they want to say without fear.