Logo Calixta

Calixta believes that choosing where you place your food is part of the ritual of eating more delicious. Born in 2012 in the state of Nuevo León by designer Vange Tamez Vidales, Calixta represents everything that Vange likes: food, cooking, design, making with hands, and above all: a lifestyle that encompasses to continuously practice creativity and experimentation.

Vange Founder of CalixtaVange studied to be an architect, she was interested in being an art curator, and she got professional experience in interior design. But when she started exploring the area of anthropology, she finally found it, ceramics!

That is how the Calixta project started exploring the different states and phases of the ceramic process. They work with it in an organic way incorporating the environmental and handwork factors that translate the production of a piece. That is why they call it artisan ceramic. They allow the pieces to transform considering the weather conditions, the hands, the material used, and the design concept. They like the beauty of the natural imperfections while maintaining the quality of their products.

They use their own glazes that allow for food safety and 100% manual techniques. In some pieces, they use slipcast and handbuilt techniques, and each piece is shaped and polished by hand.


Calixta moulded piece