32 Estados Mexican design for everyday lifestyle CoverConnection & Meaning: Mexican design for everyday lifestyle

Woman in a relaxed and curious mood wearing Táabal Poncho and Shawl Wrap

Feeling comfortable among nature,

connecting to your surroundings feeling the air taking thoughts away.... 

You are ready to start exploring

a new town, city, or country.

Relaxed lady being curious wearing Táabal Grey Shawl by 32 Estadps

Going out after a day of reflection and discovery,

you feel ready for what is coming ahead.

Confident woman ready to go out wearing Táabal Black & White Poncho by 32 Estados

Woman feeling confident and inspired to go out wearing Táabals poncho and shawl by 32 Estados

You are inspired, the ideas are flowing,

ready to put things into action...

Woman feeling inspired wearing Táabal Coral Shawl by 32 Estados

But after all, this is you, here and now.

Connected with what you want to build step by step.

Woman being herself wearing Táabal flower poncho by 32 Estados

Connection to heritage, to your surroundings and to your own personal style. Take advantage of handmade details to build up your own personality, and pick trends to mix them up with what feels right for you.